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Alongside our martial arts classes, we also offer a range of fitness training classes in our well-equipped gym. Choose from our different classes which offer something for everyone, from those looking to kick-start a new health and fitness regime to those who want an intense workout.

fitness classes in chesterfield kettlebells


A high energy class set to high intensity music. You’ll work your muscles hard on the bags before using the kettlebells, targeting your whole body. This is a great session for anyone looking to improve strength and flexibility, cardio and tone their body. It isn’t easy, but it’s lots of fun!

Kettlebell Oblivion

Monday - 6.30pm

fitness classes in chesterfield body combat


Kombat + is a great way to get fit. The movements incorporated into the Kombat + sessions are based on martial arts, so you’ll be punching and kicking your way to fitness (it’s such good fun it won’t even feel like hard work!). Kombat + is great for cardio, developing balance and flexibility and gaining an all over workout.


Sunday - 11.00am

Wednesday - 6.00pm

Friday - 7.30pm

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